5 Star Flip Easel Euro BLU
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Lightweight construction with telescopic legs that close up for storage and portability Simple to use, locking screws on legs for variable height levels Hinged pad clamp and fully adjustable pad hooks to fit any size flipchart pad Fits A1 and Euro pad sizes and features drywipe surface Flipchart pad not supplied, available separately Legs are extendable from 1080 to 1900mm WxDxH: 700x82x1900mm BlueTrim Board size WxH: 670x990mm
3179983179983179985 Star Flip Pad A1 40Shts 60gm WMT 44001Your Price: £10.40
2969562969562969565 Star Flip Pad A1 40Shts 60gm Wht 44001Your Price: £37.47
9024289024289024285 Star Office Disposable Drywipe EraserYour Price: £4.57
4651524651524651525 Star Office Whtboard CleanSpray 250mlYour Price: £3.27
2961152961152961155 Star Office Dry Wipe Marker Blu 449651Your Price: £7.57
2961312961312961315 Star Office Dry Wipe Marker Red 449653Your Price: £7.57
9099229099229099225 Star Office FCht MkrBlt Tip Asst Pk4Your Price: £2.40
2961232961232961235 Star Office Dwipe Marker Black 449650Your Price: £6.83
2961582961582961585 Star Office Dwipe Marker Green 449652Your Price: £7.10
3978593978593978595 Star A1 Flipchart Pad White 20 ShtsYour Price: £30.80
4813904813904813905 Star Office Whtboard Foam Cleaner400mlYour Price: £5.13
5008285008285008285 Star Office Drywipe Mrkrs Asst Pk12Your Price: £8.70
5555755555755555755 Star Office DwipeMrkrs AsstPk4(50095X)Your Price: £3.07
9022319022319022315 Star Squared Flipchart Pad 40ShtYour Price: £51.93
4651794651794651795 Star Office Whtboard Wipes Tub 100ShtsYour Price: £4.67
9302619302619302615 Star A1 Rcyc FCht Pad 70g 40Shts WhtYour Price: £57.73
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