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Muvo All in One Dishwasher Tablets PK100 Pack of 1 Self dissolving wrapper All in one action, salt, glass, stainless steel & rinse Packed 100
Inc Vat £17.56
Inc Vat £3.46
2-Ply Roll Blu 310mmX350M Y04440 Pack of 1 Giant towel roll for dispenser Ideal in workrooms and factories for cleaning up spills Blue 2-Ply Size: 312mm x 350m
Inc Vat £46.50
KLX HndSurf Wps Tub50 7784 Pack of 1 A range of non-alcohol sanitising wipers; designed to drive out the threat of germs spreading in office environments and promote 'Healthy Workplace' practices. Ideal for: sanitising hands; desks /work stations and other surfaces.
Inc Vat £8.68
Brasso Liquid 1litre Pack of 1 Brasso Metal Polish Ideal for Brass, Copper, Pewter and Chrome Apply with a soft cloth Polish off with a dry soft cloth before polish has completely dried
Inc Vat £11.69
Bentley Toilet Brush Holder P3302 Pack of 1 Toilet Brush with holder White
Inc Vat £2.33
Inc Vat £3.64
Inc Vat £5.87
Fairy Washing Up Liquid Original 900ml Pack of 1 Original Washing Up Liquid 900ml per bottle
Inc Vat £5.46
Flash All Purpose Wipes Pk120 0706067 Pack of 1 StrongWEAVE Cleaning Wipes Scent: Lemon Fragrance
Inc Vat £11.22
Flash Clean&Shine Cleanr750ml Pk2 94816 Pack of 1 Suitable for washable surfaces Rinses away quickly and effortlessly Size: 750ml Packed 2
Inc Vat £9.41
Flash All Purpose Lemon 1ltr 96279 Pack of 1 Effective for cleaning floors, kitchen work surfaces, washroom surfaces and other interior surfaces Suitable for use on most washable hard surfaces Effective for cleaning grease and particulate soil Effective in all water conditions Leaves a fresh, pleasant scent No need for rinsing when used d...
Inc Vat £4.08
Flash Floor Cleaner 5L VPGFCCM Pack of 1 Floor cleaner, can be used on granite, marble and all washable surfaces Dissolves grease & grime leaving surfaces sparkling clean Neutral fragrance Size: 5 Litres
Inc Vat £20.63
Cif Floor Cleaner 1L 84143 Pack of 1 Cif Floor Cleaner Professional floor cleaning care for manufacturing and polishing floor surfaces Capacity: 1 litre
Inc Vat £3.77
5 Star Z Fold H/Towel Wht 2Ply BOX 3000 Pack of 1 5 Star Hand Towels Z-fold two-ply Made from pure pulp Colour: White Contains 3000 sheets WxDxH: 115 x 206 x 80 mm Tissue size: 230x240mm Number in sheets: 200 Number of sleeve in box: 15
Inc Vat £73.45
Pledge Aerosol 5in1 Classic 97974 Pack of 1 Pledge Wood 5 in 1 Classic furniture polish spray Enhances natural shine Removes fingerprints and marks Removes most dust allergens Protects Dusts Size: 300ml
Inc Vat £1.79
Pledge Furniture Polish Prof 400ml Pack of 1 Furniture Polish Size: 400ml
Inc Vat £4.36
Mr Muscle Multi Task Window 500ml 93784 Pack of 1 Colour: Green Volume: 500ml
Inc Vat £3.96
Mr Muscle Sink & Plughole Prof 1l Pack of 1 Sink and Plughole Unblocker For Professional and Commercial use 1 Litre
Inc Vat £11.11
Duck Liquid Fresh Pk2 94643 Pack of 1 Complete hygiene for your toilet, leaving it fresh and clean Kills 99.9% of all germs (above the waterline) on contact, attack limescale and leave a fresh, long lasting fragrance Unique angled neck allows the product to reach right up under the toilet rim Pine Fresh fragrance Size: 750ml Pack o...
Inc Vat £4.30
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